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can i get a student loan to do MS in US ? v hav 4 sites of worth 30lacs in al. no house. parents r private employs.

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my parents are private employs n they earn 20,000 per month. we hav no house. and i got 93% in 10th and 91 % 1n +2 and dng btech 3rd yr with 80% of aggregate. i wanna do MS in US. can i get loan of some 15 lacs ? some of my frns said dat v must hav own house to get a loan.. is dat true ?? plz help me. if i can get loan..suggest me the bank too.
if i make sure dat no loan vil b granted, il focus on GATE instead of GRE.

plz help me
asked Aug 2, 2011 in Loans by anonymous  



1 Answer

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To get the loan, bank will see the income of parents. Living on rented home is one of the most negative factor as far as loan eligibility is concerned. With Rs.20,000 pm in these times, I would suggest NOT to think of loan and concentrate on other opportunities.

Check the following link also.

Hope it will help you.
answered Nov 8, 2011 by admin (47,360 points)   5 7 12

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